Vodka Beluga Noble

Russisk Vodka der skal opleves at drikkes rent
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Beluga Noble - an irreplaceable classic of noble vodka

Beluga Noble is refined in every way, down to every detail. Thanks to our unique production technology, including both innovations and centuries-old traditions, the flavour of Beluga Noble has acquired an irreproducible smoothness.

All the ingredients of Beluga Noble pass through a strict system of purification and filtration, which guarantees the maximum level of purity and quality in the final product. At last Beluga Noble “rests” for 30 days.

The special malt spirit and cleanest water from Siberian Artesian wells guarantee a smooth, rich flavour. Natural honey, infusion of oats and extracts of Sylibum and vanilla make the flavour multifaceted, complete, exquisitely contained and, in one word, ideal.

The refined design of our bottle with hand-made elements perfectly reflects the nobility of Beluga Noble. On every one of our bottles you will find one important feature – a small Beluga fish, traditionally fitted by hand, making every bottle unique.

Beluga Noble vodka is produced in the very heart of Siberia – a region, which is by right acknowledged as one of the most ecologically clean in Russia. Precisely the purity of the Siberian Artesian waters and the naturalness of all other Beluga Noble components to a large extent explain our choice of geographical location and make our Beluga vodka the absolute leader in the Russian alcohol market.
Alkohol i procent 40 %
Indhold 70 cl
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